You are part of a newly independent nation called the Republic of Atlantic Dome (RAD) .

RAD was originally a joint project call Project Dome between the United America Alliance (UAA) and the Asia European Conference (AEC) after spending almost 5years at war with each other.

Project Dome was suppose to make the continent of Africa to be more habitable after the war has turn almost the whole continent into a desert.

5years after Project Dome was set up they have successfully make the continent much better with Habitat Domes and terrain/weather conditioning.

However, it wqs at this time, the committee of the project decided to announce their independence with the whole continent as a independent nation. The announcement make UAA and AEC very unhappy as they are the ones who provided the funds and technology for the project.

The AEC agree to the terms of independence on that the RAD are to trade all technology advances to then tax free.

The UAA however, doesn’t agree to this. Thus, entering a cold war with both UAA and AEC as the previous war has cost them too much to afford a direct conflict now.

3years has pass since the independence day.

You will be part of a crew that operate covertly to identify and take out any possible threats from the UAA.

technology level: Energy Weapon are available but are very rare. And are usually stationery turret or giant ship cannon. Prototype Portable energy weapon are available but very very rare and restricted.

Space travel has only been to near by planets and the moon. the moon has a small colony from RAD to see if it is suitable for a long term colony.

Military Rank in RAD

Cold Long War (Mech Game)